Hair loss in young women stems from excessive use of hair extension procedures

Hair extension produces negative consequences more and more frequently. Complaints of women who underwent this procedure are connected mainly with loss of their own hair after undergoing a hair extension procedure. While dreaming of thick long hair, they end up with no hair at all.

Professionals warn against using hair extensions that utilize glue: the glue used during the procedure irreparably damages hair.

Taking into consideration that hair is damaged down to its root, women start to lose hair, and alopecia starts to develop. Such alopecia is dangerous in that your own hair stops to grow. Upon removal of artificial hair and starting in-depth treatment of hair loss, women do not have a guarantee that the problem will be solved quickly.

According to a client of a hair extension saloon, she applied to them based on a newspaper ad, and the procedure was surprisingly inexpensive. She says that the hair became intermingled and started to fall off. The young woman had to go to a different saloon where her artificial hair was removed together with her natural hair. Currently this woman has to wear wiglets and wigs to cover up her bald spots.

According to companies engaged in the business of wig manufacture more and more of their young clientele comes to them after unsuccessful hair extension procedures.

Moreover, most of these young women have such a tangible issue related with hair that wiglets cannot conceal all damaged areas and they have to wear wigs.

All women who want to have longer hair should use the procedure of hair fastening, but by no means the method of gluing. It is also important to apply to a professional and not to save money – the cheaper the procedure the more expensive it is in the long run.

Wayne Rooney with transplanted hair: the football player posted a photo on Twitter

In the beginning of July Wayne Rooney, a Manchester United football player, who was suffering from intensive hair loss underwent a hair transplantation procedure. Prior to that he promised his twitter followers that they will get an exclusive insight of his new post-procedure look. The footballer kept his promise.

Rooney wrote the following under the posted photo: “Hello, everyone. This is what I have on my head. The hair will grow a little in about two months. There are bruises still, but nothing terrible, everything is normal.”

Rio Ferdinand, a friend of Rooney, who also has his own blog, posted a humorous comment under the photo:” I am looking forward to the moment when after workouts you will be styling your hair using gels like Ronaldo”.

Depression and stress lead to alopecia.

Depression and continuous stress not only aggravate physical condition of a woman, but also often negatively affect her appearance. Argentinean scientists believe that a permanent nervous strain leads to unfavorable changes in appearance of women.

Argentinean physician Dr. Maria Mollo from Buenos Aires noted that mental stresses lead to unfavorable changes in appearance of women. Dr Mollo and her colleagues analyzed 572 cases of alopecia in women aged 35-55. In 75 per cent of female patients suffering from alopecia the onset of the disease coincided with permanent stress, depression and nervous breakdowns.

In order to overcome such issues physicians recommend women to avoid at all costs avoid avoid any stress-related factors go on vacation at least three times a year.

Dr. Mollo emphasized that relaxation and rest reinforces the nervous system. So women should strive to minimize their stress and even in case of stringent financial resources try to go somewhere 3-4 times a year. Let it be a short trip, but it is simply necessary to get distracted from your daily routine for even short periods of time.