I recently started taking HairGain after my wife noticed some areas of my hair were thinning. I read up on hair loss and discovered it was called alopecia areata, or patchy hair loss. I knew I wanted results fast, so I went looking for the most potent product I could find. That’s when I discovered Active Life’s Military Grade formula, and I started taking the capsules daily with meals. The fast results were phenomenal. Within about a month, I started seeing my hair grow back fuller and thicker, and after five months the patches were totally gone. Unbelievable!

Robert D.
I thought I’d give HairGain Formula a try when a friend of mine recommended it. My regular hair loss treatment just wasn’t giving me fast enough results. He told me it took about a month of taking capsules with meals before he began to notice a difference. But then after a few more months, he said it was like looking at a different guy in the mirror. If it worked for him, I thought I’ll give it a try. I used the product to supplement my treatments, and the results have been incredible. I can honestly say I’m a total believer in this product. What a change in such a short time!

As a woman, when I first started noticing my hair was thinning badly, I was pretty upset. Didn’t baldness only happen to guys? That’s when I talked to a good friend who explained to me that androgenic alopecia is a hair loss problem that is common for women. It’s caused by increased levels of male hormone. Then she told me how HairGain gave her amazing results for the same problem in less than six months. (Honestly, it was hard to believe she’d ever had a problem because her hair looked so great!). Well, here I am ready to tell the world about it too! It really works. Give it a try!