Children's cases

Peter S. 15 years old.

The onset of Alopecia totalis was as a typical Alopecia areata small bald spot (patch). Then other patches appeared. They widened and merged all together and the hair of his scalp fell out within a month.

  1. Before treatment
  2. One month later after beginning of treatment.
  3. After two months treatment. Due to the treatment hair started to grow back, but in some areas hair growth lagged behind. At this stage of his hair regrowth the hair condition looks like Alopecia areata.
  4. The picture was taken after four courses (after five months) of treatment.
  5. The control picture was taken one year and a half after beginning of treatment.

гнездное облысение, перешедшее в тотальное облысение

тотальное облысение, месяц спустя после начала лечения

тотальное облысение, два месяца спустя после начала лечения облысения

1. 2. 3.

тотальное облысение, пять месяцев спустя после начала лечения облысения

тотальное облысение, спустя полгода после начала лечения облысения

4. 5.


Juren S., 11 years old




                       1. Before treatment                            2. after 2 courses of treatment





3. after 2 courses of treatment

4. after 3 courses of treatment


Hans D., 16 years old




   1. before treatment

2. after 1 course of treatment







3. after 2 courses of treatment

4. after 3 courses of treatment


5. after 4 courses of treatment  



Thank you to all those who have participated in producing this web site. Especially I am grateful to all my patients who have suggested their pictures for presentation at this web site as their contribution in the struggle against Alopecia areata. Some of the pictures are presented here.