FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS OF OUR PATIENTS Q When does hair start to grow back after beginning of treatment?

A In the case of Alopecia areata it usually takes place round the 30-40th day. In the case of Alopecia totalis some hair in local parts of scalp could start to grow back even after first course of treatment but the real hair regrowth takes place after the 2nd or 3rd course of treatment. In the case of Alopecia universalis hair starts to grow back after the 3rd or 4th course of treatment; eyebrows and eyelashes start to grow back last.


Q The first rounded hairless spot appeared on my body and but next patches on my head. Is it Alopecia areata?

A In the case of Alopecia areata the primary hair loss patch appears on the body in 20% of cases but very often patients don’t notice it. In approximately 80% of cases the primary patch appeared in the scalp area


Q Is relapse possible after hair regrowth?

A The more severe hair loss was (total area of hair loss) a more relapse is possible. However some signs show the possible future relapse and the adequate treatment prevents the hair loss relapse


Q Only eyebrows and eyelashes fell out. Is it Alopecia areata?

A In 90% of cases it is a special form of Alopecia areata but there are other diseases with similar signs.


Q What is the probability of transformation of Alopecia areata into Alopecia totalis or universalis?

A The longer Alopecia Areata goes untreated the heavier the probability of transformation to totalis or universalis. The following signs could show the possible transformation:
(a) appearance of new widening patches within 3-5 weeks, plus changed finger and thumb nails;
(b) if a hairless spot appeared in childhood the relapse of the disease after 20 years could result in the totalis or universalis form of Alopecia areata


Q Is it possible to stop progress of the disease?

A The earlier you will start treatment by methods which correspond to your case the higher is the likelihood of complete hair regrowth