Treatment of hair loss (alopecia) in children and teenagers

Hair loss, Alopecia Areata and Alopecia Totalis in children and teenagers — boys and girls. Etiology and treatment.

Alopecia, as well as hair loss, predominantly develops in the form of focal hair loss (Alopecia Areata, in Latin — alopecia areata). It is also known as spot baldness. Some dermatologists also diagnose circular alopecia. However, within the past three years we have observed androgenetic alopecia in female teenagers aged 10-14 years.

We recommend parents not to get despaired and to apply to a qualified pediatric doctor-trichologist, who will help to make a correct diagnosis and assign the therapy needed.

Alopecia Areata in children is the same autoimmune disease as Alopecia Areata in adults. However the provoking immunological disorder can be different, namely —a severe cold, immunizations, extensive exposure to sun in tropical countries, administration of antibiotics, and virus infection.

In children alopecia develops the same way as in adults, starting from small foci. As the surface of the scalp of a child is smaller than of an adult, the focus, spreading with the same speed as in adults, affects a considerable part of the surface of the head quite speedily.

Thus, in children alopecia speedily transforms into its total form, because inadequate or home treatment, according to our observations, leads to disease types that are hardly treatable and recur frequently.

When diagnosing this disease ringworm (microsporia), trichophytosis and other skin diseases, not connected with alopecia, should be ruled out in the first place.

The treatment of children is as problematic as of adults. In the treatment of children we do not use strong pharmaceuticals, but mainly use plant-based products and this significantly prolongs the process of treatment. In treatment of children it is important to exclude many foodstuffs which cause straining of immune system in the given patient, and this can be identified with a special test.

We enroll children into treatment based on results of lab tests, the list of which we provide when people apply to us.

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